A beefy miracle (Fedora installation)

So, I decided to install Fedora onto my netbook.

Here are its specs:

CPU: Intel Celeron SU2300 (dual core, @ 1.2Ghz)
Memory: 2GB
Storage: 250GB HDD
Screen size: 11.6″ LED LCD

While not as powerful as a full laptop, this netbook is still way better than the typical netbook running the underpowered Intel Atom processor and tiny <10″ screens. It’s served me well the past 2 years.

Anyhow, before installing Fedora, I decided to purchase a 128GB SSD and swap out the old hard drive. That hard drive is now being used in my external hard drive chassis for another class, meanwhile my netbook gets ultra-fast wakeup times and slightly better performance. 🙂

Unfortunately installing Fedora wasn’t so simple. Being a netbook, there’s no optical drive from which to load a live CD. No problem I thought, I’ll just install it from a USB drive. I downloaded a tool called liveUSB-creator, which is an official tool to create Live USBs of operating systems. I used it to create a live USB with a copy of Fedora 17 64-bit and tried to boot it from my netbook.

As soon as it started booting I was met with an error that I don’t remember off the top of my head. Something to do with the screen, or something. Either way, Google searches provided very few results, and nothing really helpful.

Okay, let’s try another method.

This time I created a live USB with.. Fedora 16! Lo and behold, it worked. After installing it to my drive, I made sure everything was up to date before upgrading by typing the following command:

yum update

After everything was up to date, I typed in a few commands to start the upgrade process:

yum install preupgrade

After that, an upgrade wizard appeared on my desktop. I followed the instructions and after a reboot or two, I was running Fedora 17, Beefy Miracle!


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